St Johns river-to-Sea Loop now accepts Credit Card Donations

Just in time to make your donation count on your 2016 taxes! The SJR2C Loop Alliance is now accepting credit card donations.  

Help us make the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop a reality!   Make your 2016 tax deductible donation to the SJR2C Loop Alliance now.

The St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance is a charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting, advocating, enhancing and protecting the SJR2C Loop. We are working hard to get the Loop completed as soon as possible, and to make riding safe and enjoyable by providing maps, routes, and information about nearby amenities. In addition, we are working to promote environmental, cultural and historical awareness of the Loop and nearby communities.

You can help us advance our mission by your generous tax deductible donation. Any donation received in 2016 will entitle you to charter membership in the Friends of the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop. To make your donation just click the DONATE NOW button in the upper right.