Changing the World One Website at a Time at Florida Drupal Camp

Submitted by Maggie Ardito on Tue, 02/21/2017 - 06:15

Florida DrupalCamp 2017 at Florida Technical College - My 7th year at DrupalCamp. In the photo below I am with a bunch of other nerdy graduates of the 10 week DrupalEasy Career Program. Many of the people in the photo have helped  with the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance website and earlier with  the Florida Greenway website ( that we built as a Florida-specific presence to augment the East Coast Greenway. Also our cycle touring blog at   In particular my mentors were Mike Anello, Cielo Johnson and Dennis Solis (not present).    

The next photo is in John Stoddard's presentation about Drupal Distributions. John is with Achieve Agency - a company dedicated to helping nonprofits succeed through enabling technology like Drupal. It's all part of the dream... imagine where we could go if friends of every bike trail (or potential bike trail or dream of a more bikable place) could easily put up a powerful community website tailored to their own regional content...

The shadowy guy in front of the drop is Mike Anello of DrupalEasy (isn't that an oxymoron?) In my experience nothing about Drupal is easy... but nothing really game-changing ever is...

The first photos is Drupal Career Program Alumni - what a bunch of nerds and wannabe's all at Florida Drupal Camp all striving to Learn More - Do More - Change more.. this is my 7th year at Drupal Camp... it's a process...  

The next photo shows Achieve Agency's logo and motto - "Learn More - Do More- Change More"  - a good model for anyone who hopes to change the world!  You can read more about their approach and vision at 

The third photo shows John Stoddard of Achieve Agency talking about Drupal Distributions (Distros).  Distros are a way to package up the framework for a website to be cloned for multiple purposes or causes...  for instance, one could develop a perfect Friend's of a Bike Trail structure and layout, that any Friend's group could adapt to their own trail and region simply by inserting their own content.    I used the words simple and easy... nothing about Drupal is EVER simple and easy...  I say that from  7 years of trying to tame the monster for the specific purpose of promoting cycle trails and cycling in general.   But then, anyone who has survived for decades in the world of technology knows that there is a direct and geometric sometimes even exponential relationship between power/flexibility and complexity...  it's just the nature of the beast.  The beautiful side of the beast that is Drupal is that it's all open source including all the modules that extend core functionality - so no one will ever pay for the underlying software.       

The next photo shows Mike Anello, founder and ceo of DrupalEasy (as I said - an oxymoron), director of 9 years of Florida Drupal Camps, and founder and instructor of the 10 week Drupal Career Program (which I highly recommend to anyone interested in learning the power, flexibility and complexity that is Drupal).      

The event was held, for the fourth straight year at the Florida Technical College, which is an ideal venue for the conference (OK the Camp...)  with a very large auditorium that easily accommodated the 250 people present, plus many separate classrooms and a large common area for lunch and working sessions - all in a single building and all offered for only the nominal cost.  Kudos to Florida Technical College.